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AI Writer World (AWW) is a weekly newsletter tracking the latest in AI writing tools and techniques. If you're a journalist, content marketer, author, technical writer, or anyone whose work involves writing, this newsletter is for you. Or maybe you’re just curious about how AI is changing the writing and content creation industries — I hope you’ll find AWW useful and inspiring as well.

Note: this newsletter takes a human-first approach to AI technology. AI writing tools augment human writers, they don’t replace us. Personally, I use AI to help me research and structure my writing — I do not use it to generate content. That said, as part of my weekly research into AI writing tools, I will look at all use cases with an open mind.

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About Me

I'm Richard MacManus, a tech journalist by day and an author in my spare time. I also used to be a technical writer earlier in my career. I've become obsessed with AI writing tools, so AWW is my vehicle to find out everything I need to know about it.

I also run Cybercultural, a tech history newsletter that will soon begin serializing my Web 2.0 memoir.

I’m perhaps best known for being the founder and Editor-in-Chief of ReadWriteWeb (RWW) from 2003-2012. RWW was ranked among the top 10 blogs in the world, according to Technorati. It was syndicated by The New York Times and eventually acquired by SAY Media.

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